'All children, except one, grow up': It's the nation's favorite opening line...

but how did one child called Peter become Peter Pan? 

Betwixt-and-Between have adapted J.M.Barrie's little-known prequel for the first time, on stage.

Production Shots              Andrew Maguire Photography

'Charlotte Ellen and Daniel Arbon play Mary and George (and a host of other characters) with a joyful playfulness that invites the audience to follow them into their make-believe worlds. There’s lots of imagination in this production, some lovely use of puppetry and brilliant lighting and sound effects. As they follow each other into their world of invention you get a real sense of J.M. Barrie’s wit and talent for the slightly surreal.'

**** London Theatre 1

'Beautiful!' - A. Dalton

'A little bit of magic' - C.J. Langford

'Poetic, inventive, witty and enchanting' - J. Berces

'An excellent adaptation of a forgotten gem' - A. Frankham





MARY/PETER - Charlotte Ellen

GEORGE/ OTHER - Daniel Arbon

Adapted and Directed by  Charlotte Ellen

Co-Producer                        Daniel Arbon

Production advisor             Louise Pearson

Sound Design                      Elliott Wallis

Assistant Director               Charlotte Harris

Movement Director            Lily Howkins

Set Build                               Daniel Arbon

Puppets                                 Helen Webb


Next appearing: 9th- 14th December 2019 - The English Theater Company of Poland




The English Theater Company (ETC) is the first professional English-language theatre company in Poland. From March 1995, each year the English Theater Company presents a number of productions chosen from the vast repertoire of the most important festival in the world. With the advent of the 1998/99 season, the ETC shifted its focus and became an educational theatre. We are conscious of the importance of providing students of the English language with access to original examples of the living language as used by native speakers.

As a result, we shape our program to the needs and preferences of primary, middle, and secondary school students, concentrating on productions that complement traditional instruction in the English language. The productions are characterised invariably by superior artistic, literary, and linguistic value, and are chosen for their ability to acts as supplements to the educational process.

Next Spring we are booking a UK Tour, for details and dates of shows near you keep an eye on '2020 Tour'

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