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Taking Pan to Poland

It's been a couple of months since I last wrote here and it's been a time of restoration and full of learning as we've moved from the frenzied focus of creating a show to the brave new world of what lies beyond. We feel honoured to have been invited to take Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens to Poland this December by The English Theater Company of Poland, a company which aims 'to provide students of the English language with access to original examples of the living language through productions characterised by superior artistic, literary, and linguistic value that act as supplements to the educational process'.

We are so excited to be making the trip, by ferry, which aptly stops at 'Hook' of Holland - though hopefully our little Peter Pan Crew will not meet that famous captain or any of his pirates on our way there or back.

We will be joining ETC for the St. Nicolas Celebrations and will be in Europe, crossing three countries, between the 6th-16th December. We have decided to make the most of the journey by planning in stop-overs in Berlin and Hannover on our way home to enjoy the European Christmas Markets and also have made a space to visit the Air museum in Krakow which apparently has some rare planes which Dan is keen to see. It has been a tense few weeks with the uncertainties surrounding the EU and now we have the go-ahead, I feel so lucky to be able to take this opportunity to share our hard work and mutually exchange culture within the European community, which promises to be an enriching life experience and a business connection that has been so beneficial to our little company in our first year. Long may it continue.


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