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Neverland - Then and Now

Charlotte as Peter Pan at Easterbrook Hall 2014 - Allan Delvin

Finding a little-known prequel with my name in it felt pretty special, particularly when later that same week I came across a matching early edition of Peter and Wendy in a charity shop and it all seemed to make sense when, later that year, I was cast as Peter in a production of Peter Pan at Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries.

This was my first experience of playing Peter and I loved every second. The stage play had premiered in London in Dec 1904, and here I was 110 years later, borrowing the well worn boots of the boy who wouldn't grow up, in the town that Barrie himself called the 'genesis' of his story, having been the place where he had first imagined, at the age of 13, adventures in the Neverland which the world would fall in love with.

I have to admit that at the time this seemed a tidy and fitting conclusion to the run of coincidence and these beautiful books sat together on a shelf reminding me of my adventure in Neverland. For the next four and a half years I would not think about them much at all - until one night in 2018 I had a vivid dream about putting on this story as a play and within half an hour of waking had begun the process of looking into the rights.

This time was not wasted, it gave me vital time to grow as an actor and creative and the elapsed time proved significant in one other way, that would end up taking us all the way back to Dumfries, that 'genesis' of Neverland, but I was yet to discover it ... and like me, I'm going to ask that you wait to find out.


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