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Charlotte and Dan as Cinderella and Prince Charming, Easterbrook Hall Dumfries 2015

'I want to start a theatre company', I whined to Dan one evening in early 2016, 'will you help me register it when you get back?'. It had seemed a long, barren few weeks since my previous job (Cinderella at Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries) had ended and the traditional January drought was taking its toll but I had been inspired by the energetic and ambitious example set by those I had worked with on Cinderella at The Raging Gibbon Collective. My partner, Dan, was away working in Scotland, but had run businesses in the past and I hoped he could help me navigate the scary looking process of setting up a company without landing myself in jail. 'Of course', Dan replied, 'I've actually been meaning to register a company myself' - Dan's a doer (and a great example) so within a week Middle Realm Productions (his film production company) was formed. Dan had a concept for a film, his brand new company and a plan of action to produce within the year - I wanted to be making my own theatre work, but was less sure about what story I wanted to tell or know how I'd afford to make it - we're a good team so it made sense to get behind Dan's film and pool our energy and resources together. Very soon and we had begun working in earnest towards Middle Realm's first film (Ironheart). Spring arrived and auditions began to appear and I got one acting job, then another and soon there was a line of exciting projects, stretching into the new year. Between acting, helping with Middle Realm and real life my first calling to start a company of my own was simply pushed aside, for a while...


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