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'For Charlotte.'

Almost as soon as the beautiful Arthur Rackham print had led me to the existence of a prequel to Peter Pan I called my eldest sister, an oracle of knowledge on books and culture. "Did you know?", I demanded as I excitedly spoke about finding the print and the subsequent discovery of J.M.Barrie's extra story (I'm not sure if she had a chance to give an answer as when I'm excited about something I don't always leave the space) but she listened patiently and made all the right noises. When everyone came home that weekend to celebrate my birthday she handed me a beautifully wrapped gift (her gifts are always beautifully wrapped and it often feels like vandalism to open them), as she did she looked me in the eye and said, "When I found this I honestly didn't know what was inside" -cryptic!

After dinner we all sat round and finally I opened her gift: it was an early copy of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens with all of Arthur Rackham's illustrations.

I LOVED it and thanked her profusely 'How? Where? You shouldn't have!', I cooed over it. She was still looking at me with an odd expression on her face. "Look inside the cover", she prompted, adding, "they said there was an inscription but, I didn't know what it was". Intrigued I turned to the front of the book. There, on the inside cover was a simple dedication. No date, no message, just two words: "For Charlotte." - It felt like magic and it turned out to be the start of plenty more.


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