Praise for Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens:


"Imaginative, interesting, creative, adventure [...] Expect a grown-up story about not growing up."

Fest Mag - Kids Review

"This prequel to Peter Pan charts how Peter became Peter Pan. All the ingredients are there to make this wonderful, from the enchanting tales to the creative use of props, and great efforts from the two actors who carry the story for an hour, with endearing chemistry. "

Primary Times

'A wonderful piece of storytelling perfect for young people and the young at heart!'

-Ellie Forest

'A really lovely show. I came away utterly charmed.'

- Claire Fudge

'Found it magical. Something for every generation and full of heart! '

- Catherine Traveller

'What a magical story! The actors take the audience on a wonderful journey into the world of Peter Pan.'

- Chris Norton

'Really lovely show. Both my girls - aged 7 and 10 - loved it.'

-Emma Smith

'Lovely show - amazing use of props and storytelling. Kept us enthralled . A definite must see for all ages!'

- Wendy Moore

'Absolutely beautiful performance. Went with grandparents and my two young children (normally very wriggly) and we all sat spellbound throughout the whole performance. '

-Fiona Shaw

'Splendid performance!!  Amazing acting suitable for families and adults.'

-Ruslana Jakimova

'Such a gorgeous piece of theatre. Magical, humorous, imaginative & beautifully performed.'

-Dru Stephenson

'Beautiful and magical - cleverly scripted and ingeniously performed. One for kids of all ages.'

-Andrew Smith

'J M Barrie's prequel "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens" is not as well known as the famous story that became the beloved stage play, so I was very glad to experience this charming retelling. Lots of fun for children, with ingenious junk-puppetry and lively characters; and more than a little of Barrie's underlying melancholy for those of us who have, alas, grown up. Highly recommended.'

- Heather Owen

MOAT BRAE PREVIEWS 28th-30th July 2019

'Absolutely beautiful, magical just brilliant !!! Greatly enjoyed by Grandma, Granddad, Daughter and 9 year old Grandson. A wonderful hour of escape and entertainment.'

-Margaret Reed

' Fantastic. Great for adults and kids.'

- Nikki Carter

'Amazed at what two people with a few props can accomplish. Using the power of imagination, we were transported to a variety of different places with a wide range of quirky characters. Wonderful!'

-Wendy Jones

'A joy to watch.'

-Belinda Thompson



"Charlotte Ellen and Daniel Arbon play Mary and George (and a host of other characters) with a joyful playfulness that invites the audience to follow them into their make-believe worlds. There’s lots of imagination in this production, some lovely use of puppetry and brilliant lighting and sound effects. As they follow each other into their world of invention you get a real sense of J.M. Barrie’s wit and talent for the slightly surreal."

**** London Theatre 1

'Beautiful!' - A. Dalton

'A little bit of magic' - C.J. Langford

'Poetic, inventive, witty and enchanting' - J. Berces

'An excellent adaptation of a forgotten gem' - A. Frankham

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