works of heART for all stAGES

Betwixt-and-Between is an emerging company established in 2019 by actress and theatre maker Charlotte Ellen.

At it's heart our Betwixt-and-Between believes in the importance of stories and the alchemy of live theatre.

Charlotte and her husband, actor and film-maker Daniel Arbon have 16-years of combined experience in professional performance: acting, writing, directing and making set and costume, as well as six years working together to fit out a narrow boat, raise ducklings and produce several shorts for Dan's film company Middle Realm Productions

Our first show, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, is an original stage adaptation of J.M.Barrie's enchanting prequel to his famous Peter Pan. Written and produced in 2019 the project, which played in Edinburgh, London, Poland and Alaska within it's first year, has been developed to include five wonderful new songs by Patrick Neil Doyle. 

We are also currently co-producing our second project, an adaptation of another lesser-known Barrie work, The Twelve Pound Look, in a collaboration with our friends at Pleasure Dome Theatre Company.

We hope to be back on stage with both as early in 2021 as we are able.

Between creative work, Dan and Charlotte love wild-camping and simple-living and a good project or three! We have just taken on a 120-year-old cottage by a stream in Scotland, which we hope to love into a small creative residency.