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Developed in 2020 in collaboration with our friends and colleague at Pleasure Dome Theatre Company, J.M.Barrie's, The Twelve Pound Look was coined in it's time,'One of the most nearly perfect one-act plays of contemporary drama'. Adapted by Charlotte Ellen and directed by Scott Le Crass the play was rehearsed over zoom and filmed for broadcast in April, before opening the brand new Exmoor Studios in Dulverton to a reduced capacity audience in late May/June 2021. The production featured actors Daniel Arbon as Harry Sims, Helena Payne as Lady Sims, Charlotte Ellen as Kate and Scott Le Crass as Tombes (played by Ben Fensome in the live shows) as well as featuring the voice of 'legendary stage and screen actor'*, Susan George.

"Pleasure Dome and Betwixt-and-Between have rescued one of Barrie’s neglected short plays, The Twelve-Pound Look, and adapted it into an amusing social comedy that still sparkles after 111 years.

"Daniel Arbon remains perfectly pitched as Harry, amusingly pompous without becoming a caricature, while Charlotte Ellen is excellent as Kate, calmly deconstructing her ex-husband. Helena Payne plays Emmy as a kind and dutiful wife who has hidden depths that Harry – once again – has failed to spot. While Barrie playfully positions The Twelve-Pound Look as a warning to husbands to watch their wives, it continues to be a delightful social comedy that questions where we find value in our lives and each other."


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